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Selected Press


"Q&A: Emily Pothast of Midday Veil." City Arts Magazine, Sept. 26, 2011.
"Third Eye's the Charm: Gearing Up for Escalator Fest's Psychedelic Summit Meeting" (feature). Dave Segal, The Stranger, Sept. 20, 2011.
"Midday Veil,'Subterranean Ritual II' tape" (album review). Dave Miller, Foxy Digitalis, Sept. 2, 2011.
"Midday Veil's Subterranean Ritual II" (album review). Dave Segal, The Stranger's Line Out, July 26, 2011.
"Shepherds of the Abstruse" (interview/photo shoot). Cairo Vintage Blog, June 29, 2011.
"Two New Vinyl Releases from Translinguistic Other" (album review). OMG Vinyl, May 17, 2011.
"Midday Veil at Rhinoceropolis, 5/13/11" (show review). Tom Murphy, Denver Westword, May 14, 2011.
"Midday Veil - Eyes All Around" (album review). Chris Estey, Three Imaginary Girls, March 1, 2011.
"High Wolf, Hair & Space Museum, Megabats @ Cairo, Feb. 4" (show review). Dave Segal, The Stranger's Line Out, Feb. 6, 2011.
"Interview with Emily Pothast of Midday Veil." Ryan Muldoon, Revolt of the Apes, Jan. 1, 2011.


"Midday Veil's Transcendental Psych Visions." Travis Ritter, The Portland Mercury's End Hits, Nov. 17, 2010.
"Midday Veil & The Arrington de Dionyso Experience @ The Comet" (show review). Bobby Malvestuto, Seattle Subsonic, Nov. 15, 2010.
"Asymptotes Epic: Midday Veil's Oracular, Spectacular Psychedelia" (feature). Dave Segal, The Stranger, Nov. 9, 2010.
"Midday Veil - Eyes All Around" (album review). John Gillanders, Redefine Magazine, Nov. 3, 2010.

Reviews of "Eternal Return," solo exhibition at Grey Gallery, 2009

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