emily ann pothast

Music and Performance

emily pothast performing with midday veil Image: Emily Pothast performing with Midday Veil at The Holocene, Portland, 8/25/11. Photo by Clarita Hinojosa.

In the summer of 2008, I co-founded a musical project called Midday Veil with David Golightly. Midday Veil performed as a duo for a few months and in March 2009 we released a CDR called End of Time, which documents this phase of the band's history.

In early 2009, Midday Veil's lineup expanded from a lo-fi duo into a rock band, changing the palette and the character of the project dramatically. The current lineup also includes Timm Mason on lead baritone guitar, Jayson Kochan on bass, Chris Pollina on drums, and Sam Yoder on percussion. In November 2010, our debut full-length album Eyes All Around was released on LP and CD via Translinguistic Other Records, an imprint co-founded by David and myself.

In 2010, David Golightly and I began doing installation/performances as Hair and Space Museum. These performances pick up where the duo phase of Midday Veil left off, but with less emphasis on song structure and more emphasis on interactive, site-specific improvisation. Our first performance, Drone Chamber, which took place at NEPO 3 on June 5, 2010, involved transforming a child's bedroom into a vibrationally activated environment in which subtle modulations of sound drastically transformed the physical qualities of the room. Our second HSM performance, an all-night improvisation titled A Double Rainbow in Curved Air, took place on September 18, 2010 as part of the Face Time series of artist sleepovers at Seattle University's Hedreen Gallery. (More about this performance here and here.)

In addition to Midday Veil and Hair and Space Museum, I have performed, recorded and improvised as a vocalist and instrumentalist in a variety of experimental music projects, including Aphonia Recordings co-founder Ben L. Robertson's microtonal composition Thamnophis Sirtalis, composer/improvisor (and Midday Veil member) Timm Mason's drone ensemble Quietus, and a performance of an object by LA-based artist Steven Hull designed to be read as a graphic score as part of the SCORES exhibition at Lawrimore Project. In October 2010 I organized and co-curated the premiere performance of DODECATHEDRAL, a 12-member improvisation ensemble based on archetypal interactions derived from the zodiac.